Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Which do you follow an American Jesus or a Biblical one

I loved this book mainly because I have thought this way for years and in fact have gotten in trouble more then once when I shared them with church leaders. Which Jesus is it that you serve the American made one or the Biblical one. The American Jesus says big, wealth, health and getting along are better and the things to seek after. The Biblical Jesus says  just the opposite, he confronted the world, suffered and was poor.
  The author David Platt challenges us to have a radical (favoring fundamental or extreme change)obedience to the Biblical Jesus or from American Christianity to Biblical Christianity. On page 161 he says there are many facets of the American dream that contradicts the core of the gospel let me just mention two: 1) indulging ourselves in the peaceful comforts of the world vs being  sent into a dangerous place filled with evil and evil people. 2)The popular teachings of its your wealth, health, and tolerance that matters vs Jesus teaching you will face persecution, suffering and possible death just like he did.
    If you are like me you are asking how can I take back Biblical faith from our American faith (our way of thinking). Mr. Platt gives us a five component one year challenge/experiment to help us do just that.
    I received this book from Multnomah Publishers for this review.