Tuesday, June 21, 2011

God's Miracle Delivery Agent YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS

This is a very practical book giving you how to's to becoming a miracle delivery agent which according to Bruce Wilkinson is what we were born for. Have you ever witnessed miracles if not maybe it's because you aren't looking for them, and seeing hoe God wants to use as a miracle delivery agent to someone who needs a miracle. This being an agent is possible by looking at the world in a new way which is what Mr. Wilkinson calls the every day miracle territory lifestyle which consist of believing that God wants to intervene-using you-and to do so on a regular basis. For this to happen we must be willing to be used, want to be a parnter with God,expect miracles as a regular thing, and be that miracle to someone else.
    The book gives a four part plan (lifestyle) to show you how to be in that everyday miracle territory. This lifestyle consists of four keys-the Master key-the people key-the Spirit key, and the risk key.
    This risk key is the one I can relate to the most.A risk of faith requires that we excerise our faith in a way that we attempt what we cannot do, depending on God to do what only He can do. This risk is a little scary, causing us to second guess, but carrying through with it knowing that God is in it and will complete it through us.
    This is a book every Christian should read, it will help you become other conscience (like Jesus) instead of being self conscience. I receiced this book from WaterBrook Multinomah Publishers for this review