Monday, July 14, 2014

An American Ronin Guardian of The Republic

Allen West said "" in Obama's case we've enabled affirmative action to find a home in the nation's highest office" American's fell for the gimmick candidate, disregarding every fact and warning sign in the rush to have "the first African-American president.Mr West said that what wants the reader to take away from the book is a BFO- a blinding flash of the obvious. Read this book to see if he accomplishes his goal. For me this present administration has done the work for him, Mr West just points it out.

Even if you don't agree with Mr West you should also read the book because he reminds us of the beliefs  of our country's founders and all they went through to bring America her independence  from England and Tyranny.

The tropic I think is the best part of the book is how he describes  the history of Black conservatism  which included Booker T Washington verses the progressive socialism of W. E. B Dubois. He gives the facts of how conservatism has done more for blacks then progressives which has actually left them on the 21th  century plantation. 
                                                                                                                                                                 I received this e-book from Crown  Books for a honest review which is my own.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

50's Finances

This book is written in a question and answer format. It is not very in depth but the author list  the references  , the web sites. contact numbers, one would need to follow through with the advise she gives. She does a good job of mentioning all the areas to consider when looking to retirement finances, this is a book to read when you start to seriously approach your retirement age. By reading this book I understand better what is the best time to draw social security, and which age will give the most benefits. 
    There are some sections that would really benefit some one under fifty in the sense of showing them the areas to start investing and the things to consider so that at your retirement age finances won't be a concern. What is very in lighting is the concept of the 4% rule and how its works, for that you will have to read the book.
 So the bottom line is this book is a good one to have on the reference book shelf. I received this book for free from Blogging For Books for this review which is my own.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Enemy Within a review of CRASHING THE CHATTERBOX

If you have ever thought or said any of the following:
     What kind of Dad/Mom are you to do/say such a thing.
      Your are just like your Dad/Mom.
      Whats wrong with me, why can't I ever change, I keep doing this over and over again.
       How have I managed to ruin (pick the occasion) over something so small.
       I'm a failure I can't do anything right.
       or  any negative thought really

  The Chatterbox referred to in this book is "that inner voice that holds the key to all your fears..the voice that hearld's doom, losing, and lack." It also spins  endless tales about the (what if's) awful things that might happen to us as well creating infinite illusions about the terrible way God will respond to us if we fail. This chatterbox is great at leveraging our sins against us.

This book is a MUST have and is very practical in helping the reader learn how to defeat this inner voice of negativity.It is great as both a personal and small group study and  includes a section of discussion questions to help with that. Steven Furtick is very transparent when using  personal examples, his goal is to help us all hear God's voice above all others especially this inner voice.

I received this book for the purpose of this review, which is my own, from Multnomah Books. Get this book and let's defeat the Chatterbox together.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Ten Days Without

This is a book that I just couldn't finish,it has nothing to do with the book it just that every time I went to read it I found my mind wandering. I will wait a couple of months and try again. The concept is a great one be coming like the section of people you want to minister to so as better to understand their life and therefore be better able to help them.