Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Narcissitic pastors

Why is it ok for a pastor to disrespect you or others and it is no big deal but if you do it to him  he makes it a big deal calls a meeting with other pastors and read you the riot act. Why would a person think it is ok to be late nor care that they are when there is no reason to be. Isn't that being disrespectful, probably not if that person is a narcissist. Does a narcissist see things as good saying things like " the Spirit is moving" "I feel His presensce" when  actually no such thing happened it was just a normal every day service. Is one narcissistic when every time they talk it is I did such and such, when I was ministering in.... God really moved etc.  "God told me your spiritual condition is wrong" and they always look for/talk about others sins but you never hear them mention any of theirs'. Boy it must be hard to have a narcissitic personality and being perfect. Remenber any moment now Christ will return are you ready.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

why the title

any moment now I get from the fact that Jesus Christ will return to earth in all His glory and it can/will happen at any moment. It also fits in that when the things of life happen they do so any moment now. Why I started this blog? First it fills a request of a publisher in order to fulfill a requirement from reviewing books. Second it is a way to improve my typing, gammar, spelling, skills and third its a way for me to share any moment now what I am thinking,  learned or things that are bothering me. Does anyone care to hear my thoughts, beliefs etc. I don't know but then this blog isn't for them. Well lets see how this blogging thing works out. History is being made now as I type my first ever blog. Have a great day and remember this is the first day of the rest of your life go do something with it. Until next time.