Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Corruptible A Review

This book has it all deception, thief, betrayal, murder, corruption, even an internet money scam. Ray Quinn is a retired disabled cop who becomes a private eye and is hired by a multi- million dollar company to find the person who stole some very incriminating and sensitive data. In the process of investigating this thief he runs into a crooked cop, a murder, a motorcycle gang and a internet money scam from South Africa and how if at all they all tie in together.
   This is a good time consuming read.There is nothing here that will be offensive. There are two situations in this story that didn't sound realistic. The first one is when  Ray and his partner enter the motorcycle gang's head quarters and the gang doesn't react as you would expect them to. The second is  after Ray's office is shot up and he gives chase with the shooter  leaving on a motorcycle and Ray being disabled seems to get to his car rather quickly in order to chase.
I loved the way Ray handles the internet money scam and how it ends, it gives me ideas the next time I receive an email asking for help with their money problems.There are couple of surprises in how the story ends.I received this book from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Status quo or The Biblical quo a book review

Ever wonder why  Christians don't have power to change, could it be that they have too much Churchianity and not enough Christianity. This book won't be popular with Pastors and or church leaders whom churches stake a lot into their programs, size, and church life. The author Michael Spencer says that Churchianity, the height of the status quo religion is a far cry from Jesus -shaped spirituality. True faith that transforms, is revolutionary, and life changing isn't in a quest for a bigger church, a moral society, traditional families, nor a more detailed doctrinal statement. Jesus concern and His whole ministry emphasis was  one on one basis.
Most of Michael Spencer's  ( The Internet Monk) statements won't be swallowed well by many Pastors and other church leaders. Here are some examples:

    * The constant emphasis on a victorious life or the good Christian life is the antichrist as it pertains
         to the Gospel.

    *For for too long Christians have been presenting the Gospel as a solution to
         trouble, when in fact it's a life long battle aganist one's own sin.
    * The exhausting effort to be a good Christian denies Christ
   * Christianity has a adjective problem, which gives a false representation of Christianity & Christ.

    * Much of what passes for proclaiming Christ, is in actually, churches cocern with attracting  large
                   numbers on Sunday, directing financial resources toward church budgets and showing Christians  
                   how to get in synch with church activities.

If you are happy and content with Churchianity then you will hate this book, but if you are the type  that says there has to be more to being a Christian then want you experienced you will love this book. The author's audience is for those Christians who have left or are thinking about leaving the church. I received this book from Water Brook Multnomah publishing for the review of this book.