Tuesday, July 26, 2011


     We need to get back to the basic’s is a line from a PCD song and this is what Mark Batterson writes of in his book PRIMAL. Primal means first, orginal, chief and that what we as Christians need to do to get back to the original first century Christianity. This is accomplished by rediscovering the compassion, the wonder (of God), our creative birthright, and the strength (hard work) that the first century Christians possessed 
    According to the Author our Primal problem is that we Christians aren’t great at the Great Commandment, most times were not even good at it, and this is the Lost Soul of Christianity  which we need to get back to. We need to ask the question What’s wrong with the church and what things do we need to give up in order to regain our first century roots.
      The core question the church needs to ask is: Does our heart break for the things that break the heart of God? How we answer this question determines how primal we become or how much further we have to go. Lets get back to the basics and focus on the things that break God’s heart.
        Mr. Batterson shows us how to do it in this book, where he discusses the Heart, Soul, Mind, and heart of Christianity and how we complicate Christianity much like the Pharisees did.
         I received this book from Waterbrook Publishing Group for this review If you liked his book IN A PIT WITH A LION ON A SNOWY DAY you will like this one also.