Thursday, July 19, 2012

knowlegde of Christ vs relationship with Christ

    Do you pursue the knowledge of Christ or a personal relationship with Christ? Do you know more about Christ then you experience Christ. These two questions is the premise of Leonard Sweet book WHAT  MATTERS MOST. The modern day Church has drifted away from its 1st.century roots. The 1st century church had a relational attitude where the church today has a propositional attitude.This difference has caused us to get the point but miss the person (Christ). We have knowledge of Christ but we need the relationship experience with Christ.
     Dr. Sweet  discusses seven areas (repertories)of relationships that when we understand them will help us have this living virbant relationship with Christ that the 1st century church had. Is your relationship with Christ one that mirrors that of the 1st century church where every day is an experience that will have people taking notice and want what you have.
     There is a section in the book for small group questions and answers.I received this book from Waterbrook  Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.